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Sirona’s technology extends dental diagnostic X-ray imaging potential for better patient treatment. The visualization tools available in the software assist with a better, more certain diagnosis. This technology allows better coordination of treatment between offices and a way to visually explain findings to patients with greater clarity and accuracy.

 The Sirona system provides a 3D image of the patient’s teeth and jaws on the computer screen which the doctor and patient can review together. The digital data file can also be sent to other specialists for review if needed. The GALlLEOS 3D system is extremely helpful when planning dental implant surgery since it can determine the correct size implant and exact location required for placing the implant safely. Combined with Sirona CEREC 3D imaging which is also available at

 The GALILEOS 3D Cone Beam system allows for the custom design of implant placement guides specific to the patient. The result is faster, safer, more accurate, and more comfortable implant placement surgery.

GALILEOS not only shows 3D displays in perfect image quality, but also enables more complete navigation and diagnosis than the traditional 2D X-ray films.

The GALlLEOS 3D Dental Cone Beam solution offers:

*Very low radiation dose (95% less than conventional medical CAT scans)

*A quick, totally painless comprehensive scan of the complete oral-maxillofacial area in just 14 seconds

*Immediate virtual diagnosis and improved treatment planning for extractions, implant placement, root canal treatment, periodontal problems, previously undiagnosed dental pain, and TMJ problems

*More precision and safety during oral surgery, implant placement, root canal treatment, and periodontal treatment

*Easy sharing of images and diagnostic information with referring doctors

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You all are so amazing. Rosie can answer any questions I have about insurance instantly, scheduling is easy, I love the text messages regarding scheduling and reminders. Everyone treats me so nicely and gently, that I have been able to come in and take care of my teeth, despite my anxiety. I feel confident asking any and all questions before, during and after procedures and get answers and explanations that make sense to me. I am included in all decisions and planning and feel comfortable to make small requests to make my visit less stressful. A blanket, head pillow, sunglasses, correct temperature, using the quiet room, these are all small things that can help calm my anxiety and I feel comfortable asking for those things because I know your team wants me to be comfortable and relaxed. The laser has been really life-changing for me, in regards to dental work. No anxiety about numbing, shots, drills, it seems smaller in my mouth, which helps my jaw and even the sound it makes is pleasant. I fully trust the entire team that they are being open and honest with me, not just trying to take my money, but really trying to take care of my teeth and me. I always highly recommend Sycamore Dental.

S.K 07/2018

I can't express enough how impressed I am with the customer service and Dr. Gita Sarkaria. I have already recommended to all my colleges because I know they will not regret making Sycamore Dental their primary Dentist. My husband and I will be coming in from here on out :) Thank you!

N.J. 2018

You have to go here for your dental work. Not only is their work phenomenal, but I had a genuinely pleasant experience. They use up to date technology to make the work faster and higher quality. Everyone was caring and were more concerned that the job is done right than cramming in another patient. I cannot recommend them enough. If you want to upgrade your dental experience, go here!

D. B 02/2018

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